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Personal Coach

Define Success in Your Life

Do you want to change the negative energy of a situation into a

life-transforming experience?

It can be done!

About Mary Ann

One of the bright spots in my life is seeing people dream again… to once again feel energized and find value. I love seeing people succeed, and I find it a great joy to be part of that process.

I believe that you can create powerful, positive and forward movement in your life and experience exhilarating personal growth!

I would love to talk to you about the coaching process. Sometimes, the smallest changes of all end up being the really big ones!

My Philosophy

Change is not the enemy.
How we respond makes all the difference!

It’s time to shift onto the road you were meant to travel! Sometimes the smallest changes can end up being the very biggest. I would love to talk with you about using whatever is going on in your life for your highest and strongest good.

Contact me today and we will work together to bring more clarity, confidence, healthy living and healthy decisions into your life. We can cooperate to determine a plan of action for your success and personal growth.

Schoolteacher in Iowa

“Mary Ann’s coaching far exceeded even what I had hoped for. Mary Ann has an ability to hone in on what is really the issue, and to draw that out. I deeply admire and appreciate the authenticity, and pro-active approach to life and stubborn commitment to goodness and health that Mary Ann has.”

Mass Transit Bus Driver, Illinois

“I consider my investment in Life Coaching with Mary Ann to have been a very valuable and worthwhile experience and would highly recommend her to anyone. She helped me gain valuable perspectives regarding my personal situations. You won’t go wrong with her.”

Why Choose Coaching by Mary Ann

Working with me means… 

The answers we seek to the unresolved or ongoing situations in our lives are often already within us. While acknowledging the importance of higher guidance, let’s together unearth the answers inside.

Reasonable pricing and no long-term contract to sign. Sessions available in-person or by phone.  The goal is to have coaching be highly beneficial to you.

Coaching by Mary Ann is completely confidential. Your trust and your personal concerns are highly respected. 

Coaching by Mary Ann

I would love to speak with you! Contact me today! 

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